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Standing Against Racial Injustice

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Brandon Farber



We grieve the killing of George Floyd, alongside the Black community, and the world, as we continue to grieve an already too long list of racial injustice victims. These losses are devastatingly painful. We are at a pivotal moment where it is critical that we better understand and appreciate one another, recognize that in our diversity lies strength, and commit to be allies for one another.

We understand that navigating the pain, anger, anxiety and fear that the events of recent days have brought forward is tremendously challenging. We also understand that we don’t have all the answers, and frankly, many of us can’t know what it’s like to be faced with systemic racism every day of our lives. But we are committed to moving forward together, providing our employees the resources they need, and being a force for change.

At realtor.com, we stand with the Black community, and for the right of every person to be who they are, to be seen, accepted, and supported, in all their uniqueness and significance. We celebrate the many amazing histories and experiences and perspectives we all bring to our work, to our families and our communities. And we all have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to take action to foster empathy, humanity, and philanthropy, both inside and outside our walls.

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